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John Haze

Real Estate Salesperson


182 Wellington ST #301B
Bowmanville ON, L1C 1W3
Direct cell:   905-410-4200
Direct Office:  905 665 2900
Fax: 1-866-685-3306
Toll free : 1-855-410-4200
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 How can I help you....

handshakeSo your in that exciting phase where you get to start looking towards purchasing a new property!

The most obvious statement supporting the use of a buyer representing Realtor is that its not your money!  Chances are the property you will want is using a Realtor to list and it is the listing entity responsible for paying buyer Realtor fees.  The natural evolution of the listing of course is that some people work the sale price of the home around the Realtors fees.  One of my goals as your representative is to eliminate that through negotiating a lower sale price.  I also assist in the following:

Pre Purchase Qualifying: I can help you understand concepts of Total Debt Service (TDS), and Gross Debt Service (GDS) and how they affect how you get approved for mortgages.  I can assist you by giving you a realistic idea of how much mortgage you can carry.  I want to help you attain your dream home, and I also don't want you to become house poorFurther to this, I can assist you in dealing with the banks for the purposes of pre-approval and also have strong industry connections to help you get the lowest interest rate possible.


Detailed Emailed Listings: Realtors at Right at Home Whitby are members of the Toronto Real Estate Board and have access to listings across the GTA.  When a house is listed for sale, there is a time delay of up to 48hrs between when it is registered on TMLS and when it hits the public site,  This places anyone who does not use a Realtor at a significant disadvantage as some houses are purchased quickly.  As a registered member of my website, you will have access to real estate tools and information.  You will also receive new listings when they are first placed on the market. I add detailed criteria to your listing parameters so that you only get properties you want to see without the spam. The advantage is now yours!

Viewing Properties: When you see properties that interest you, I can find out more information on the property that you would have VIA listings or  I can scout the properties before you use your time to go into a house that may not be in your taste. The online listing will not disclose a strong smell of cat urine!  I will then accompany you and take you through properties that you have an interest in.  I will give my thoughts on the house and listen to your feedback.

Negotiating a Sale Price: In negotiations, much can be learned by what it said by another party. Mostly, the skill of negotiation lies in what is not being said, interpreting the situation and exploiting an advantage to a clients benefit.  Realtors will get more done for you in this way and I possess these skills.

Sale completion: I  offer all clients the use of a FREE home inspector that I use. I have secured lower cost Lawyers services, I have industry connections in moving, furniture purchase, financing, and can help you complete the moving process.  I accept no remuneration from any referrals, I simply use my influence to achieve the lowest possible costs in moving without sacrificing the level of service.

Moving Day:  I attempt to visit all clients on moving day and assist how I can.  Ive been known to bring a house warming gift or two and I'm not afraid to move a washing machine!

I am the complete Realtor for your purchasing needs, and I am looking forward to working with you!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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