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John Haze

Real Estate Salesperson


182 Wellington ST #301B
Bowmanville ON, L1C 1W3
Direct cell:   905-410-4200
Direct Office:  905 665 2900
Fax: 1-866-685-3306
Toll free : 1-855-410-4200
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How I can assist you... 

What is a Realtor?

1295386454Gn19cdThe Realtors function is to provide real estate services to their clients and facilitate legally binding arms length transactions in real property.  Unlike typical sales people, Realtors are bound by fiduciary duties that legally bind us to act in a clients best interests as well as provide an honest duty of care to clients and customers. We become your agents through a legal principle of agency representation.


Why use a Realtor?

scalesMore and more people today learn about the real estate market and have become saavy to the nature of it.  Many individuals seek to minimize the fees associated with real estate transactions, some even choosing to act on their own!  Your home is your greatest investment and the amount of liabilty present is a great risk to the most important financial asset you have.  When you engage a Realtor and you pay the related fees, you are engaging a machine of protection for yourself, your assets and investments.  You are covered safely under the umbrella of the Realtors insurance, governing bodies, related boards, provincial as well federal statutes and experience. We are all mandated to protect you and the real estate marketplace. Your fees keep this machine running and when mistakes or misrepresentations occur you are covered. 


 A few things about us.

    RAH-LOGO 0
With Right at Home Realty LTD, you are dealing with the largest independently owned brokerage in Canada. We have over 2200 Realtors active in the GTA, with 110 Realtors in the Whitby Branch Alone! Right at Home Realty is a full service Brokerage and member of the Toronto Real Estate Board, the largest Board in North America. With six offices spanning the GTA We are a highly integrated Brokerage with a powerful network aimed at serving your real estate goals.  The whitby branch is lead by Tony Slavin, a real estate and financial sector expert with decades of experience.  He also brings high level advertising experience and is an expert at creating exposure through multiple media sources.   Together with over a hundred agents, with hundreds of years of combined experience, we believe we have the strongest team in the Durham Region. 


My services specifically.

 Black n WhiteRegardless of the support behind me at my office, I bring many great values to the table that will assist you in getting the most value for your property.  I am youthful and energetic.  I cannot be intimidated or bullied , I have years of experience in negotiations.  My friends, family and clients have always known me to be a individual that can negotiate good value. I maximize all resources available to me.   I would likely be described as genuine, helpful, confident, goal oriented and intelligent.  

When you retain my services, I provide a dedicated service from the moment we meet that extends beyond the closing date of your home.

Value: I can accurately price your home and will do so in an effort to sell your home in an appropriate time frame, with the most value possible.  You house shouldn't necessarily sell in day, it shouldn't sell in month either. I seek a balance between value and time based on your time frame.

Preparation: I will help prepare your home for listing.  I have a good grasp of staging.  To me its about making homes appear as big as possible, and creating the image that your home could easily be a customers home as well.  I also have a network of professionals available to me: certified home stagers, interior decorators, photographers and pre-listing home inspectors.  I have a dedicated service and can help in the smallest ways.  If I Have to pick up a paint brush, move a couch, clean a garage, I will make sure your home is at its best.

Sale Phase: I use an aggressive marketing plan and you dictate whats included.  I typically use lawn signage, MLS listings, newspapers listings and open houses to sastify classic techniques. I am also heavily involved in social media strategies. I use facebook, twitter,kijiji, my personal webpage, the Right at Home network and my personal networks  to promote your property.  I will have just listed fliers printed and will canvass the neighbourhood to get your neighbours involved by using word of mouth to sell your property.  On all offers, I will put your best interests forward, I will not be talked into a lower value than what your property can support.   

Closing Phase:  I have many services available to me and if my Clients need help with any detail in their lives I will do my best to assist.  I can use my position as a Realtor to get affordable rates for  anything involved in the moving process and I'm more than happy to use that influence for you.  If any problems arise in the normal course of closing, chances are ill have some insight into the problem and will help you deal with it.

After care: I invite all of my clients to add me to my facebook page and stay in touch as well as provide feedback on their moves.  I am always available to help with problems or decisions involving real estate, our relationship will not end when the sale of your property is concluded.

Commission: My rates are competitive and flexible.

Guarantee: I guarantee to you that I will conduct myself with your best interests in mind.  I will work diligently and hard to achieve your real estate goals.  If you are not happy with my service, I provide a guarantee that you can discontinue my services at any time regardless of any contracts. 


These are the reasons why I feel qualified to be your representative in real estate transactions.  If you require more information or have have any questions at all about the real estate marketplace.  Please do not hesitate to contact me!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.